Municipal Courthouse, Hackensack, New Jersey. Setting of Every Last Drop.
Every Last Drop is the true story of trial lawyer, George Baxter, fighting for his clients who were infected with AIDS from contaminated blood products. After barely making it through Rutgers Law School, he bounced from court to court taking per diem work from any lawyer who would give it to him. Then he met Bill Snyder who desperately needed a lawyer because he'd been infected with AIDS from a transfusion he received during heart surgery. Racing against time and poorly financed, George began a six-year legal battle against the billion-dollar-a-year blood industry that infected his client--as well as over 29,000 people--with AIDS.

The trial exposed how the United States blood industry disseminated false information, hijacked the government oversight committee charged with regulating the blood industry, and conspired to delay AIDS testing to save money, resulting in the most devastating public health disaster in U.S. history. The jury verdict was affirmed on appeal to the New Jersey Supreme Court, fueled a congressional investigation, and George Baxter was nominated for the National Trial Lawyer of the Year Public Achievement Award for protecting health care consumers.